A much needed feature has quietly rolled out by Apple to the iCloud service’s web variation. Users can now restore files, contact, calendars and more that may have been accidentally deleted.

In the iCloud.com Advanced Settings section you’ll find the new ‘Restore Files’, ‘Restore Contacts’ and ‘Restore Calendars’ tabs. The restore feature shows snapshots of your recently deleted files and lets you put them back onto iCloud Drive.


Each snapshot is timestamped, and any restoration will rollback to that selected time. Unlike files, the individual contacts and calendars cannot be selected, you must do the whole lot.

Take note, when you do a restore of calendars, as it may cause any invitations to be resent and the sharing functionality disabled. Though, if something does go terribly wrong, you can easily re-restore to the point before you attempted to restore. Apple takes a preliminary and current backup before attempting the restoration process.

The deleted files backup seemingly has a 30 day lifespan before permanently being deleted. Though, it may show differently for each file. Nevertheless, it is expected for this feature to be added to Mac OS X and iOS at a later date.


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