IDC released their latest smartphone market share numbers for Q2 of 2015, and while the top two vendors in the world remain unchanged, that might not be the case for long. According to the report, Samsung dropped from 24.8% to 21.7% year-over-year, and coincidentally, Apple went up 2.4% in the same span of time to a little bit over 14%. If this trend continues, the next iPhone launch could help propel Apple to the top worldwide once again by this time next year.

On the Android aside from Samsung, both Huawei and Xiaomi went up in popularity, while Lenovo struggled to get devices into people’s hands even after acquiring Motorola and their handset business. Huawei’s big win happened in Europe where it’s high-end and mid-tier devices are being received extremely well by consumers.

Not listed in the IDC report are the likes of HTC, LG, Microsoft or BlackBerry even. We’ll have to wait until next quarter or the next comScore report to see if there is a shake up in the top 5 vendors worldwide.

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