What many have called the ‘fire sale’ for the BlackBerry PlayBook may only be helping a little. The International Data Corp. (IDC) expects BlackBerry’s global market share to fall from 1.1% in Q3 to just 0.7% by the end of 2011.This is despite the current PlayBook’s price hitting the introductory price of the Amazon Kindle Fire tablet.

After ceding share in 3Q11 (down to 32.4% from 33.2% the previous quarter), IDC expects Android to make dramatic share gains in 4Q11 growing to 40.3%. That increase is due mostly to the entrance of Amazon’s Kindle Fire, and to a lesser extent the Barnes & Noble Nook Tablet, into the market. The share increase comes at the expense of Blackberry (slipping from 1.1% to 0.7%), iOS (slipping from 61.5% to 59.0%), and webOS (slipping from 5% to 0%). Despite HP’s announcement last week that it would contribute webOS to the Open Source community, IDC does not believe the operating system will reappear in the media tablet market in any meaningful way going forward.”

RIM has already announced a $485 million writedown on the PlayBook, the worst of the news we should hear during the Q3 Fiscal 2012 Results Announcement Conference Call today at 5pm. RIM also disclosed 150,000 PlayBooks shipped in Q3, declining from 200,000 in Q2 and 500,000 in Q1. The reduction of price for the PlayBook was a clear move to revive interest in the tablet. However, it has been estimated the base 16GB PlayBook to have a manufacturing cost of $270.

via FP, IDC