Bless the third party developers supporting BlackBerry 10. Over a year after launch, and solutions are still being made for the platform. Sure, it’s probably taken much longer than anyone really wanted. But it’s happening. It’s a combination of changing factors at BlackBerry. There is no stagnation with this company and despite the scary amount of churn within the ranks, BlackBerry’s CEO is righting the ship.

When third party developers like Nemory Oliver come to the platform, within passion and talent, how can BlackBerry turn them away when they knock on their app store door? At first attempt BlackBerry World denied the application Snap2Chat, citing the need for SnapChat Inc to approve a third-party application before officially allowing it into the store.

The community came together and put up 1,758 supporters on www.change.org/, we let it be known we wanted this application. But what deciding factor really brought the application to the storefront? Did SnapChat suddenly change their mind?

With some of the final cuts being done internally BlackBerry saw a startling cut in the area of developer relations. Redundancies were phased out under terms of consolidation. Tons of talent pulled into the office and sent packing. It’s hard for the community as a whole on many levels.

Yet through the changes, BlackBerry keeps moving. They must. While Chen pilots this company toward profitability the hunt for native BlackBerry solutions continues. Nemory got the opportunity to bring his issue over to Manager of Global Developer Ecosystem at BlackBerry Luca Filigheddu who took steps to get it resolved by the right people.

BlackBerry is listening to their customers. And not just in enterprise. We’ve got powerful alternatives in iGrann, Whine, Snap2Chat and we’ve also got a powerful community of die-hard fans and supporters. We are here. The community wanted it and the community delivered it. Beta testing for countless hours, contributing imagery, and pushing for that native experience we want from every application on BlackBerry 10. And when I say the community delivered it, I must give a BlackBerry Salute to the developers that made it happen. You can salute them as well by donating to them, and reviewing their apps. These apps are free for us, but cost the developers many hours: coding, tweaking, and refining. These third party developers are proof that BlackBerry’s pulse is stronger than ever.


-Donate to iGrann Free Instagram Client for BlackBerry 10 : PayPal To – contact[@]igrann.com
-Donate to Whine Free Vine Client for BlackBerry 10 : PayPal To / In-App – knobtviker[@]gmail.com
-Donate to Snap2Chat Free SnapChat Client for BlackBerry 10 : PayPal To – nemoryoliver[@]gmail.com

Snap2Chat will be available in BlackBerry World in the coming days (no later than the end of the month). Pending some big fixes on the developers side. And further review by the BB World team of the fixes.

What other applications do you want native alternatives for in BlackBerry World?