Diamonds are forever. Ok, well maybe not so much this time. And, maybe I’m not super rich either. Although, I did get a chance to play around with a BlackBerry app that is targeted towards those who don’t mind spending, or are stupid enough to drop, cash on an app with a price tag of $499.99!

Fortunatus is the name of the app, and the first functionality of two is that it shows off a glorious diamond on the opening screen. The only real and second feature is that you’re able to “chat with your fellow wealthy colleagues whom also bought the program. The chat function shows real-time how many other wealthy people are using the chat function at that moment.” There are also a few small settings that let you change the backlight setting, and vibration/sound on a new chat message.

Unfortunately, the chat feature seemed to be broken. I was quite sad that I could not engage in quality conversation with any CEOs, entrepreneurs, or other wealthy moguls of the sort. The only real thing I could do with Fortunatus was say, “Hey, look at my BlackBerry’s screen, it has a huge diamond on it. Isn’t it a beauty? Oh, ya, and it cost me $499.99…because I’m a rich mofo!”

I guess in the end, the satisfaction of knowing I just downloaded an app with a price tag of $499.99 (regardless of how dumb it may be) was worth it the most. Getting patted on the back by my friends for having a bigger diamond than their wives’ rings and knowing my family felt I had made a good investment with my money was well worth it all. But the best part about it was setting my BlackBerry next to me before I went to sleep, looking up at the glowing diamond on the screen and thinking, “Damn, it feels good to be rich.”

If you want to be as cool as me, you too can get Fortunatus for $499.99 in our store here.

Don’t want to spend so much? There is an “economy” version called Rough Fortunatus for only $19.99! Check out the nifty rough diamond image that comes with the app from the image below:

I hope you caught my sarcasm within this article. These types of apps aren’t entirely new. We’ve heard of them before in the Apple App Store, but they eventually got kicked out. Neverthless, Fortunatus is the first of its kind for BlackBerry. If you really have the means, drive, and what have you to drop $499.99 on an app with virtually no features, then so be it. Just be sure you do so from our store so we can get a cut of your sale!