While Research In Motion’s BlackBerry may only account for 1% of mobile traffic in the U.S., it is certainly growing exponentially in Indonesia. Telkomsel, Indonesia’s largest mobile phone operator, recorded a 226 percent increase in BlackBerry data traffic over last year.

In a press release issued by Telkomsel, data traffic from BlackBerry services alone hit 7.5 gigabytes per second, while data traffic from other broadband services rose to 157 terabytes, more than 55 percent higher than last year’s figures.

Indonesia is also where users have lined up at stores for the latest BlackBerry product launch. We can only hope this same kind of enthusiasm will genesis around the world once BlackBerry 10 is released. Imagine if AT&T or Verizon Wireless were to see a 226 percent increase in BlackBerry services usage!

via Jakarta Post