Software development has a popular face called ‘free downloads’ apart from its more professional face of ‘paid downloads.’ Either ways, people would be searching for both the software as their needs vary from each other.

The search engine revolution has lightened up the life of an internet surfer by providing the all links of websites which have the exact or relevant keyword or phrase either in their URLs or on web pages. In this feature, users have to manually open the links, read the product descriptions and review before taking a decision to download. Thus, there is a lot of labor to be put in by the surfers to locate the website that provides the exact software.

But now, they need to worry about their valuable time getting wasted in finding the links for software downloads. Insofter.com has come to the rescue of such people by providing links of websites from which the users can directly download any software of their choice.

Features of Insofter.com

Home Layout

Insofter.com’s layout looks very simple but that simplicity is powered by its versatile functionality. The homepage layout consists of three main sections i.e. the top menu bar, navigation bar on left side and on the right side there is a section that shows the Top 20 software. The space between the right and left menu bars is filled with the software links that looks pretty similar to a sear engine’s results page.

The beauty of the homepage lies in its minimalist approach and it not only serves as a catalogue page of software links but also doubles as the downloading page.

User Navigation

As soon a user hits www.insofter.com they would be taken to a default web search page filled with a randomly picked result. If the user wishes to narrow down the search it can be done in two ways.

  1. By typing the relevant keyword in the Search box that sits on top right hand corner.


  1. By choosing the exact topic from the vertical menu bar that is positioned on the left hand side.

Additional Search Criteria

Users can further refine their search by selecting the operating system like Windows, Mac or the smart phone ecosystem like iPhone or Android.

Useful information

Each search result is supported by useful information like Rating, Platform, whether it’s freeware or paid etc. It also gives the number of downloads that the said software could achieve till that moment. All this information can be analyzed by the user to take a qualitative decision about which software to be downloaded.

Also, each software result is hyperlinked to a detailed review report which can be seen by clicking through the hyperlink. This review report consists of two sections i.e. Description and Technical. Thus, the user would never feel the pain of not having enough information about the software. Incidentally, these product reviews are being written by the users themselves and hence can be relied upon with some trust.



As the title of this article summarizes what Insofter.com is all about, users too can feel the same once they visit and experience the features of Insofter.com