Just yesterday, popular BlackBerry Developer NemOry Studios pushed out a small update to the native Instagram app, Inst10.

The app has now gotten another update, with version 1.0.400 that brings a plethora of new features and fixes.

Here’s Inst10 v1.0.400 changelog:

  • Unlimited Multi Accounts Support (Pro Feature, Available in Trial too)
  • Ability to Delete All Notifications in Hub (Free)
  • Ability to Mark All as Unread Notifications in Hub (Free)
  • Fixed Multiple Hub Icon Issue
  • Fixed Account Info Needed Issue
  • Own Account Name shows in Hub instead of Nemory Studios (Free)
  • Fixed Searching with a Space after the Keyword Returns 0 Results
  • Added Change Logs in About Page
  • Instantly Changes Application Theme when Set for 10.3 OS Users (No Restart Required)
  • New Splash Screens
  • Improved Uploading Indicator

The new update should get pushed to your device via BlackBerry World. If not, you can download Inst10 here.