Instagram is refocusing its efforts on making its app more messenger-friendly. Instagram Direct, the platforms one-to-one messaging feature, had been somewhat neglected over the past few months, but that all changed today with improvements to how it’ll function going forward. Instagram is bringing threaded messages and the ability to share content from your timeline to Direct with this new update.

Sharing to a DM is super easy. With this update, you’ll see a new arrow next to where the ‘like’ and ‘comment’ buttons are located on a picture or video. This is arrow allows you to share that content with anyone you want on Instagram immediately.

The company has also added the ability to label group messages and add people to a group conversation. Users are also now able to reply to a message with a selfie using the quick camera feature. You can also opt to reply with one of the super-sized emoji that’s supported by Direct.

According to Instagram, “more than 85 million people use Direct every month to send inside jokes, family videos, photos from road trips and other moments meant only for a handful of people.” With this new update, Instagram is hoping even more jump on the Direct bandwagon.

The new Instagram Direct update is available today in the App Store, and in Google Play.