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My obsession with fashion has been fueled greatly with social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest. With the fixation of uploading selfies and other random pictures especially on Instagram, it has become a huge fashion faux pas for me to be pictured at different occasions with the same outfit. Unless it was a #ThrowBackThursday or #FlashBackFriday update, then all is forgiven. I am no celebrity nor am I an online influencer, but with how things move around the online world, my perception on fashion and image has changed. You just never know who is going to Google you. So, you might want to make it worth their effort and look good in any picture they find.

I will be the first to admit that I am vain. The fascination I have towards fashion has definitely gotten me into trouble (specifically with my credit cards). During lunch breaks or my train ride back from work, I will be glued to my smartphone absorbing the various fashion ideas shared from all over the world. With such content readily available, I am constantly updating my wardrobe and Instagram account. Trust me; there is a good reason for doing this. You just never know if the next picture you upload could lead you to a lucrative business or modeling gig. Today, modeling agencies and major luxury brands have dedicated teams to go through various Instagram feeds to find the next face for their next ad campaigns.

This was what kick-started Matthew Noszka’s career. His picture on Instagram not only got him to the cover of Vogue, this Pittsburgh native was also given the opportunity to travel the world and be on The Ellen Show. Justin Livingston’s Instagram account, (@justinliv), was initially used to share men’s fashion ideas and tips. Now, he gets paid by huge brand names to model their outfits on his account. I would be in seventh heaven even if just one luxury brand would reach out to me. But sadly with a limited number of followers, I doubt that’s going to happen anytime soon.

With such a shift within the fashion industry, have you ever wondered how life would be if we didn’t have access to these platforms? Would we still be dressing the way we do? How different would our buying decisions be if we were not able to view the various fashion collections so easily?

This makeover within the fashion industry has given brands and retailers the opportunity to reach out to a wider group of shoppers; especially with solutions such as Olapic’s Shoppable Instagram. I definitely fall into this category, as most (if not all) of my purchases or fashion influence come from the feed I get from social media. I remember seeing an item on the Burberry Instagram account which I thought was really cool and different from their trademarked checks. With over 40,000 likes for that one picture, it was a clear sign of approval. All I had to do then was to click on the website and place my order. Within days I was the proud owner of that Burberry bag.


I shop at least once a fortnight (sometimes weekly), ensuring that I have something new when I am out for the evening or for an upcoming work event. You just never know if that one picture uploaded is going to go viral, so why take the chance.

Coco Chanel once said, “Every day is a fashion show and the world is the runway.” And I agree with that wholeheartedly. Life is too short for bad fashion, especially with active Instagram accounts.