BlackBerry 10.2.1 introduces a new Android Jellybean 4.2.2 runtime that is unlocked and allows you to install any Android app APK directly.

No longer do you have to convert the APK into a BAR file and side-load those buggers. BlackBerry has simplified the entire process for easy installation of apps that might not be available on BlackBerry 10.

You can use third party app marketplaces to find and install apps. Some good ones include 1Mobile Market, Amazon App Store, and Aptoide. You can see where to get those here.

Once you’ve got the app stores you’d like to use, or simply downloaded the APK directly from the Google Play Store (see how to do that in the workaround here) from the native browser, you can see how to install the apps in the video below.

When using an app store like 1Mobile Market, the app will automatically transition to the installation portion within 1Mobile Market. One awesome feature about using a third-party app marketplace is you will be notified when the Android apps have available updates as  you would if you had used BlackBerry World.

Pro tip: sometimes when installing an Android app it may give the error “Installer has stalled. Cancel installation?”. Simply click cancel and it will still begin to install. To see this all in action, check out the video below: