** Congratulations to the winners: ezekyelrroyyfadownZensenfauzantriandibankbanktutincvarunjoinSabre88 and susankensari **

You may recall that InstaPhoto, an app similar to iPhone’s Instagram, had launched solely for the BlackBerry PlayBook. SmarterApps is now bringing this great app to all BlackBerry models. Some of InstaPhoto’s features include:

  • Easy to get started, simply choose a preexisting photo or snap one right away. Camera integration runs directly within app, allowing you to take a photo and start instantly!
  • Images save to a custom gallery folder, and are featured when you load the app, or you can opt to view the latest uploads on Twitter from your friends!
  • Large preview images allow you to see an effect clearly before making a selection.
  • Simple controls with stunning pre-set effects, it’s easy for anyone to use with just a tap of the finger!
  • Quick rending, no long loading times for an effect.
  • Unique effects creating interesting themes for your photos; periscope, mugshots, HUDs and many more!
InstaPhoto is available in App World for $2.99, BUT courtesy of SmarterApps we’ve got 10 copies available for you to win! To enter to win a copy, follow these simple rules:
  • You must be a registered member of N4BB. When you comment, you’re name will appear in orange and it will link to your profile. If you’re not logged in and comment, your entry will not be valid. Make one comment to this post signalling your entry.
Winners will be randomly selected and notified on July 27th. You will be notified via private message. Good luck!