We had the opportunity to interview Alec Saunders, VP of Developer Relations, post CES 2012 and pre-DevCon Europe. We grill Alec over BlackBerry 10, PlayBook OS 2.0, Skype, Netflix, and more asking him questions like, “Will blackberry 10 bring a fresh user interface or will it be more similar to the playbook tablet OS 2.0” and “We know you get asked a lot about this, but will Skype or Netflix make it to the PlayBook?”

We’re pleased to have Alec give us straightforward answers to our deep Q&A. Alec has been spearheading the ‘BlackBerry Evangelist’ team, where he and his team show non-BlackBerry developers why they should bring their apps to the platform. So far, we believe they’re doing an excellent job. Have a listen to our interview and let us know your thoughts.