During the Mobile World Congress 2015 event, which was held in Barcelona, Spain, BlackBerry announced its strengthening in security, with the company’s recent acquisition of SecuSmart as a perfect example.

BlackBerry and SecuSmart in the past few years partnered on the SecuSUITE platform that lets you use your smartphone with a high level end-to-end security.

In our collaboration of coverage from MWC 2015, David from BlackBerry-FR had the opportunity to interview Hans Christoph Quelle, founder of SecuSmart and Christoph Erdmann, the co-founder, to learn more about their company and acquisition with BlackBerry.

What is the main activity of SecuSmart?

Our main mission is to secure voice call. Most users are only thinking about to secure the data, but put away what can be transmitted by voice. The voice has to be handeled as the same way as a shared file. And nowadays , it becomes more important because “simple systems” such as voice assistants, which are increasingly integrated in our all days devices (Smartphones, Cars, TV, …), are able to interpret it. That is why it’s important not to overlook it and to process it as well as the data, hence the need to secure it.

Since the acquisition of BlackBerry, What has changed for you?

Partnership between BlackBerry and Samsung reassures governments by allowing them to use a more heterogeneous Park Smartphone, such as the latest Samsung Galaxy S6. There are 3 important points to secure a Smartphone: secure voice, secure data and allow the user the be free to use it as a traditional smartphone.

What is the advantage of using SecuSmart?

With SecuSmart you use your smartphone without the constraint of having a second dedicated device for secure communications.

Who is this solution intended for?

We can count on governments, members of the G7 and G20, senior executives in the automotive industry, the oil industry and many others. The demand for secure voice was there, but there were no sustainable solution. SecuSuite is easy to manage, easy to install and easy to use.

How does it work?

The solution is based on integrated co-processor into the microSD card to handle the encryption (AES 128 bit). Vodafone Germany, longtime partner, developed quickly “Vodafone Secure Call” on iOS and Android, which is based on VoIP. This application is ideal to protect against electronic eavesdropping, and caters to all kind of businesses seeking to protect their datas.

Who are your main competitors?

It is difficult to talk about competition in this sector. Each government has its own systems and are more inclined to use locals solutions. Now that BlackBerry took part in SecuSmart, it will be more easy to deploy it worldwide.


BlackBerry continually invests in data security, and all their latest partnerships have positioned the Canadian company in a suitable position for securing governments, corporations, and more.