Interview with Paul Lucier, VP of Government Solutions at RIM

Interview with Paul Lucier, VP of Government Solutions at RIM

While at Canada’s Government Technology Conference (GTEC) in Ottawa, N4BB and Kyle from BlackBerryCool had a chance to sit down with RIM’s VP of Government Solutions, Paul Lucier to talk about RIM’s strategy with BlackBerry in the government.  The enterprise and government side of RIM is something that is often overlooked in the mainstream media, where the fast-paced consumer product market typically dominates the headlines.  Despite the huge consumer focus of BlackBerry products today, RIM’s enterprise and government operations have been (and still are) what defines RIM as it stands today.

Paul is in charge of the deployment of BlackBerry products and services in the public sector.  He is also veteran RIM employee who has been with the company since 1999.  He presently in charge of the government solutions RIM provides, which also includes overseeing a government sales team that directly manages federal and defense accounts in the United States.  Previously, Paul has worked with governments and businesses in Europe, Russia, the Middle East and Africa with BES and mobile device management solutions.

Check out the audio clip below to listen to the interview with Paul.
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