Apple recently announced iOS 7 at WWDC. One of the new features in iOS 7 is added depth, using the accelerometer to adjust in parallax. This creates a 3D effect, as it adds a drop-shadow to the grid of icons and your wallpaper can be seen ‘moving’ behind them.

While Apple will likely be shrouded in applause for such an innovative feature, they weren’t the first to like the idea. User Interface design team, The Astonishing Tribe, had created a concept for such a thing back in 2009.

You may know them better as TAT, which BlackBerry purchased in 2010. At the time, TAT had many amazing concept demos to show on the BlackBerry PlayBook. However, to date, we haven’t seen any of these amazing ideas launched on BlackBerry 10.

The concept TAT put forth for the 3D grid effect was to utilize an eye-tracker with TAT Cascades. The company posed the theory:

What if the graphics on your mobile seemed to have real depth? Imagine tilting your mobile so you can look around corners and behind objects in the GUI to access additional information. Imagine layered GUIs where pop-up windows really pop up. With eye-tracking and the real 3D capabilities of TAT Cascades, this is now possible.

Check out the video below and let us know what you think. TAT has many amazing UI designs we’re still waiting to see. Sure, some may call it gimmicky, but it’s these sorts of things that draw the crowds. Chalk it up to Apple to bring it to market first.

Thanks varunsain!