*UPDATE* – We’ve learned that this is not exactly an “iOS app player” as originally reported by the source. The tools that Inception Mobile built take Objective-C and convert as much as possible to Android Java or C++. A developer can then take the rough code and replace what they need to make it a native app for the desired platform.

Like being able to run Android apps directly on BlackBerry 10? You may soon be able to do such a thing with iOS apps. Apparently, the recently launched Reebee app available in BlackBerry World is utilizing such an iOS app player.

A source with knowledge of the matter, indicates that Reebee on BlackBerry 10 is written in Objective-C. This is allegedly evident by the transitions and spinning wheel from iOS found in the Reebee app (see photo above).

The company, Inception Mobile, is said to be behind the iOS app player and is part of Communitech’s HyperDrive accelerator program. Inception Mobile apparently helped Reebee Inc bring Reebee to BlackBerry 10.  Inception Mobile has also been able to run 50-100 of the top iOS games on BlackBerry 10, the source has revealed.

BlackBerry 10’s app catalog had been jumpstarted by the Android app player. This assisted in BlackBerry 10 having the most apps at launch than any other mobile platform. BlackBerry 10.2 will introduce Android 4.2.2 runtime (Jellybean) and allow for even more apps to be ported.

We’ve seen an iOS emulator before on the PlayBook. However, nothing more came of it. With the possibility of developers utilizing an iOS app player from Inception Mobile could mean that BlackBerry 10 may see an influx of the hundreds of thousands apps and games available on iOS. Do you think BlackBerry should formally attempt to integrate an iOS app player?

via GadgetMasters