The second round of news coming out of Apple’s event in San Francisco was the launch of the new iPad Pro. At 12.9 inches, this new tablet features the biggest display ever put on any iOS device. It also has great resolution (2048×1536), and up to 10 hours of battery life. Also included is Apple’s new A9X 64-bit chip that’s twice as fast as last year’s processor. This new iPad is hands down focused on the business sector, and for anyone that’s looking to do even more on their tablets.


The iPad Pro will also get its own keyboard cover. Apple wants users to be able to not only use the software keyboard, but also the smart physical keyboard. The iPad has three connector buttons on the side that can determine when the keyboard is connected and transfer not only power but data automatically. No more needing to pair a Bluetooth keyboard with it, as this one will know when it’s on right away.

Also announced is the Apple Pencil. The new stylus – because that’s what it really is – has been engineered specifically for use with the iPad, and even has a built-in lightning connector for charging. If you want some precise drawing or just want to doodle for a bit, the Apple Pencil will be there to help. It’s not going to be cheap though. Apple will be retailing its Pencil for $99.

iPad Pro will not be cheap by any stretch. For the 32GB variant, the iPad Pro will be $799, the 128GB one will be $949 and the 128GB (Wi-Fi + Cell) will be $1079.