The upcoming Apple iPhone 5 was rumored to have Near Field Communications (NFC). However, as it turns out those rumors didn’t pan out and the next iPhone will still not feature NFC capabilities.

Apparently having NFC wasn’t even possible on the iPhone 5. The reason is due to the iPhone 5’s all-aluminum-and-glass body, which would block information from being transmitted to a terminal, according to Will Strauss, an analyst of Forward Concepts.

“N.F.C. employs lower-frequency operation than cellular, requiring a longer antenna,” Mr. Strauss said. “That antenna is often wrapped around the battery in some cellphones, but a metal back shields any radio waves from reaching a nearby data terminal. Only plastic, Kevlar or similar backings will allow the radio connection for mobile payments. Clearly, Apple chose beauty over functionality with its aluminum back.”

Strauss said it plain as day. Apple rather have a shiny looking object than a state-of-the-art mobile computing machine. Although, another theory is that Apple simply decided to leave it out since NFC hasn’t quite ‘caught on’ yet in the market.

Nevertheless, as more and more mobile devices begin adding NFC capabilities the carriers may be forced to support it. This can only mean great things for RIM and the future of BlackBerry 10, who have pioneered in its mobile usage.  We’ve already seen major manufacturers such as Samsung market the Galaxy S3’s NFC capabilities. Imagine once BlackBerry 10 gets to market and RIM begins to show the incredible benefits of NFC. I think people will begin to request NFC rather than just wonder if it’s available.

Stay tuned for our exclusive interview with RIM’s senior product manager of NFC, Geoffrey MacGillvray. He explains the power of NFC and how RIM intends to utilize it. If you’re unfamiliar with NFC, this is one interview you won’t want to miss!

via NYT