After Apple’s disastrous Bendgate scandal after the launch of the iPhone 6, it’s definitely expected that the company will look to make their new 6s a much stronger product. Thanks to a new video from Unbox Therapy, we now know that will indeed be the case. Lew was able to get his hands on an iPhone 6s shell and put it through a pretty tough bend test.

After checking off some readings that he had done of the actual materials being used, the bend test pretty much shows the upcoming iPhone’s outer shell should withstand a lot more than its 2014 counterpart. Obviously, we would still recommend you not sit on your phone whenever possible, but if you do, it won’t be the end of the world. Of course, until the actual devices show up, we won’t really be able to full see how strong and sturdy they are.


Apple is rumored to be announcing their new iPhones next month.