The Internal Revenue Service announced today the hack that occurred back in May was far worse than they originally thought. The agency announced the hackers may have stolen data from as many 334,000 taxpayer accounts – around three times more than was originally believed.
Back in May, the IRS said the hackers gained access to 114,000 accounts through its “Get Transcript” service. Today, the IRS says a new analysis of 23 million service requests revealed the number is actually much higher.

“The new review identified an estimated additional 220,000 attempts where individuals with taxpayer-specific sensitive data cleared the Get Transcript verification process,” the IRS said in a statement released“The review also identified an additional 170,000 suspected attempts that failed to clear the authentication processes.”

The IRS hackers tried to gain access to over 170,000 additional accounts, but were unable to do so. Added to the 111,000 attempts that failed and were announced back in May, the total of unsuccessful attempts now sits at 281,000.

Hopefully this is the end of this hack and no additional accounts have been compromised.

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