A JeeoSuite is one of the most interesting and handy apps I’ve used in a while. I was lucky enough to be invited to the private beta to get a taste of the app before it was released to the public and from the first time I used it I was impressed. For those who don’t know, JeeoSuite is a a Wifi Portal for your BlackBerry® Smartphones with which you can transfer files, access your email, browser bookmarks, stats, tools and much more from your web-browser.

The application was on a private beta for the few weeks so if you didn’t have an invite, you couldn’t try it out. Today was the end of the private beta and the beginning of the public beta! JeeoSuite is now available for everyone to try out for free!

To download JeeoSuite for your BlackBerry Smartphone visit

http://get.jeeosuite.com from your phone.

– Set all Permissions to ALLOW for JeeoSuite
– Launch the app
– Note the IP:PORT listed at the top
– Enter that IP:PORT in to your computer’s web browser
– If you haven’t set a Username/Password just click LOGIN

If you would like to access JeeoSuite an easier way,  visit
http://my.jeeosuite.com and create an account.

Once your account is created:
– Enter your Username and Password in to the app on your phone
(In the myJeeoSuite section)
– Click on Update Test

You can now access your copy of JeeoSuite via

Make sure you try JeeoSuite out and let us know what you think of the app!

Download JeeoSuite Beta for BlackBerry >>