Rahul Shahani let us know that he’s updated his popular game Jewel Smuggler for BlackBerry 10. Jewel Smuggler is a turn based strategy game that has a similar concept to Drug Wars. Shahani hopes to differentiate his game by making it more visual and making the most out of the cascades framework.

Version 2.0 has the following major features:

  • Beautiful immersive UI, built entirely with cascades. I have peppered this with a few slick animations
  • Players can see their rankings for each of the game modes and can also see global leaderboards
  • Players can share the app and their score from within the game. This gives free players more free plays.

Jewel Smuggler is available for BlackBerry 10 smartphones running OS 10.2 or higher. You can get Jewel Smuggler for free in BlackBerry World here.