Jim Balsillie Cuts Ties With BlackBerry

Jim Balsillie Cuts Ties With BlackBerry

The former Co Ceo Jim Balsillie has liquidated all of his stock holdings of his former company. For those  interested you can find the SEC filing here. Mr. Balsillie was a valuable asset to the company formerly known as Research In Motion and  helped the company grow great ties with carriers that now play a pivotal role in the success of BlackBerry 10. Problem was  the former Co Ceo always spoke big but never delivered. Any one remember his infamous “60 days” quote?

From every loyal BlackBerry fan we want to wish the best to Mr. Balsillie but we are looking forward to the company being lead by Mr. Heins with out any influence of the former regime. We know that Mike L. is still with the company but hey , he created RIM! lol.

So how do you feel about Jim Balsillie cutting ties with the company? Does it mean anything about the future of BlackBerry or maybe some one with a lot of pride wanting to part ways?

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