Just a few weeks ago we told you about ex co-CEO, Jim Balsillie, resigning from RIM’s board of directors, but just today we found out what made him take this decision. News has come out that Balsillie was seeking to make a radical shift in strategy for BlackBerry. His idea was to allow European and North American carriers to use RIM’s network for non-BlackBerry smartphones with the intention of offering limited messaging and low costs plans to consumers.

Balsillie’s plan would allow non-BlackBerry devices to run on RIM’s servers, allowing consumers to have access to low cost data plans including messaging, social media and BlackBerry Messenger. But, apparently, not everyone at RIM thought this plan would be beneficial for all and so Jim decided to resign. Now this leaves us with a question, do you think Balsillie’s idea would’ve have been a good strategy or not?

via Reuters