BlackBerry introduced their first-ever “phablet” device with the Z30. The company has since followed up with an entry-level phablet by way of the Z3.

Apparently, BlackBerry might linger within the phablet market even further. BlackBerry CEO John Chen was recently interviewed by The Jakarta Post’s Khoirul Amin about his strategy to turn the luck of the company around.

Amin asked Chen, “Do you have any plan to launch other products besides cell phones in Indonesia?” Chen replied:

“If we will do another thing, we will probably go to phablet. I think if you look at our strategy and if you look at where the market goes, there is definitely a good market for something between a phone and tablet.

“I think the phablet could be early, the tablet is already late. That is not a bad thing, because you can bring new technology. But, if I have the opportunity I will go to phablet. […] we will build what the market wants.”

If you watched the recent N4BB Live webcast, you would have heard our editor James Nieves give details on an all-touch device dubbed ‘Manitoba’.

In fact, we’ve heard whispers that at the recent BlackBerry Experience event in London, attendees were held under NDA and shown a new all-touch phablet device.

BlackBerry’s future is still very bright and their device lineups still very much interchangeable. Are you beginning to prefer a phablet, or do you like a Z10-sized device?