The BlackBerry Passport has been a hot seller. In the opening weekend, BlackBerry sold over 200,000 Passports. Now, it’s hard to get your hands on one and BlackBerry CEO, John Chen, is happy about that.

“I’m glad to have inventory issues. It shows that people want the phone,” said Chen, at the MIT Enterprise Forum event in Hong Kong. “We took a very conservative approach and didn’t order too many.”

Chen is looking to position BlackBerry as the ultimate productivity tool. He’s fixated on the 30 percent of the market that agrees and doesn’t need an entertainment device.

“That is not a space that we can afford to be in now. Being sexy and being a workhorse are two different things,” Chen said. He’s also eyeing the Chinese market.

“China is too big a market to ignore,” Chen said. “It is clear that BlackBerry needs to and should be in that market.” However, he doesn’t yet have a strategy for entering the Middle Kingdom. He hopes to get some ideas while attending the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit in Beijing next month.

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