The question of whether BlackBerry can or should make an Android smartphone has been asked several times in the media this past month. This question didn’t pop up once during the earnings call or the AMG webcast this morning, but thankfully, in an interview with CNBC, John Chen was asked point blank about it, and the answer may surprise you a little. Chen responded, “We only build secure phones and BlackBerry is the most secure phone, so if I can find a way to secure the Android phone, I will also build that.”

A couple of weeks back, we suggested BlackBerry take the route of building an Android device without dropping BlackBerry 10 support, and last week we exclusively revealed that they are in fact working one. Chen’s response in this interview is the start of BlackBerry’s new positioning for when they eventually launch their first Android-powered phone. After these comments, no one can say that John Chen is completely against building such a device. There’s a clause for it to happen, and when they achieve it – which we believe they have with that low-end Android phone – it’ll go hand in hand with BlackBerry’s message to put security first in mobile.


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