After the last few days of craziness between BlackBerry and T-Mobile, we definitely welcome some positive news about both companies working together. Our very own Niko Giannopoulos noticed today that T-Mobile is offering a refurbished BlackBerry Q10 online for $384 off-contract (or $16/mo on JUMP!). We’re not exactly sure when this Q10 pricing was posted, but given that T-Mobile will start offering expedited and free shipping for BlackBerry purchases on Friday, this deal is a total steal for anyone wanting to jump on the bandwagon.

In case you’re unfamiliar with the backstory, it’s been an interesting few days between the two companies. Last week, we let you guys know about a little email that was being sent directly to T-Mobile BlackBerry customers urging them to switch to an iPhone. After having to hear about it for a couple of days on Twitter, T-Mobile CEO John Legere responded to the backlash. Earlier today, BlackBerry CEO John Chen got his shot to chime in, and made his feeling very clear in a blog post.

Hopefully this added exposure to T-Mobile and BlackBerry gives both companies a boost in sales. There’s no such thing as bad publicity, right?