We are very excited to announce the launch of AppVerse within the N4BB store.  AppVerse is a new social network for sharing and discovering mobile apps.  Within AppVerse, users can:

  • Find and follow people they know and recommended AppVerse community leaders.
  • Invite their friends to join AppVerse.
  • Share their app purchases, ratings, and reviews.
  • Ask questions about apps – get advice and info from other users.
  • Link to their Facebook and Twitter accounts.
  • Interact with app developers (who receive notifications when users review or comment on their apps).
  • Click to purchase any app they discover.
  • Earn discounts and free apps (coming soon).

Be sure to join AppVerse so that you can follow us. Each app review we do will be linked and shared, so you too can comment and add your own review of the app. We look forward to sharing and discovering new BlackBerry apps with you!