Jerome Carty, co-founder of Blaq the Twitter app for PlayBook, in conjunction with Research In Motion will be hosting a BlackBerry Super Hackathon in NYC. Here’s the details:

Friday, October 19, 2012 6:30 PM

New Work City
412 Broadway
Floor 2
New York, NY (map)

It’s time for a super hackathon! Start planning your app, develop it in over the course of two days, meet people, meet the experts from BlackBerryhave fun and earn prizes!


Follow the steps at the following link to make sure you’re ready for the hackathon:


Does the hackathon run for 22 hours?
No. On Friday, the hackathon ends at Midnight then picks up again at 9am on Saturday.

Can I come with an app that is already finished?
No, only apps created at the Hackathon can compete.
But BlackBerry wants to help you porting your existing app to the PlayBook or BB10, so if this is your goal, BlackBerry will guide you to get there.

What are the requirements?
The only requirement is to create an application that works with the BlackBerry Playbook (Device or Simulator) or BlackBerry 10 (running on a Dev Alpha or Simulator). Other than that, your imagination is the limit.

Will we have wifi?
Yes, we will provide wifi, chairs and tables for you to work as comfortable as possible.

What should I bring to the hackathon?
Bring your Laptop (and everything you want to help, like extra monitors, white boards etc) and any type of software which you use to program or design the applications. IMPORTANT: make sure you have your computer all set up before the event starts!

Will the event provide Food and Drinks?
Yes, food and non-alcoholic beverages will be provide to participants.

I don’t have a PlayBook neither a Dev Alpha, can I borrow one to present my app?
Yes, we will have PlayBooks and Dev Alphas to lend, for you to develop, test and present your app.

To join this Super Hackathon, register for it here.