Hello N4BB readers and Team BlackBerry. We hope you had a great weekend and have rested up enough to battle your way through the wretched Monday. Good thing we have a little something to take your mind off of things. We’d like to introduce to you the new N4BB community!

We’ll start by telling you the bad news. Anyone who previously had registered for an N4BB account, unfortunately no longer has one. We know, we know 🙁 When we went to the new platform for our community, we had the daunting notion knowing that everyone would have to register again. However, we truly believe you’ll love the new kickass features enough to dismiss the mere 2min it may take to register at https://n4bb.com/forum/#/entry/register.

Let’s take a look at some of the new features:

New Forums

We have a completely new forum system that we’re really excited about. It’s super easy to find the latest discussed topics. If you’re looking for something older, you can still look for it based on its category (like you’d see in a traditional forum layout). The new forums are lightweight, but very feature rich. We believe you’ll find the new N4BB forums to be pretty awesome.

Badge system

Do you like Foursquare? Why not try to earn N4BB badges! That’s right, as you comment, make posts, and get a lot of accolades you’ll earn badges. You can even earn the N4BB Prestige badge, which will allow you to get a free BlackBerry device of your choice! Get rewarded for what you do at the N4BB community and show it off. Visiting your profile lets yourself and others in the community see your stats.

Activity feed

Similar to how our old system was setup, there is an activity feed to show what has been going on in the community. You can add a status update and view the leader-board of top N4BB members. Make new threads, comment on others and more on a daily basis and you’ll quickly climb the charts! Those who can keep top titles will earn special gifted apps and accessories from us for just being so awesome.

Polls and more

Creating new threads isn’t the only thing you can do. The new N4BB community allows you to start polls too. This is a great way to get feedback from the community on virtually anything. Start a discussion just around a question you might have about “which BlackBerry should I buy next?”

The new N4BB community is simply amazing. We hope you’ll find it as cool as we do. There are many, many more features, but these are just a few we thought you should know first. To begin your journey as an N4BB member, we’d be honored if you signed up at https://n4bb.com/forum/#/entry/register. We thank each and every one of you for being a reader and hope you thoroughly enjoy your stay!