Mike Bird, a contributor to Business Insider, recently picked up a BlackBerry Passport. Bird decided to ditch the idea of getting an Apple iPhone 6 and instead try out the “oddly” shaped, square BlackBerry.

“I was fascinated by the big, weird squareness of the phone,” said Bird. However, when he went to go and purchase the Passport from a store he was a bit perturbed.

“He [salesperson] wasn’t sure that they had one to show me (they did) or if they had any in stock (they also did). He gently asked while I took a look at it if I’d seen Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4, or the iPhone 6 Plus, and whether I had been forced by my employer to get a BlackBerry,” Bird said.

Apparently, it was the first time the salesperson saw the Passport. Like most people Bird had met, the salesperson’s reaction was “a cross between bemusement, excitement and disgust.” Bird says, “almost none of those people have actually used the Passport.”

This has been one of BlackBerry’s biggest issues, which Chen has vowed to correct. Despite how incredibly awesome the Passport might be, carrier reps and big box retail salespeople are not getting educated on the new BlackBerry devices.

These reps are still attempting to push would-be BlackBerry customers into an Android or iPhone. Even though, as Bird suggests, “The truth is, it’s a pretty solid phone.”

For someone who wants to get things done in the business world, the BlackBerry Passport seems to be the perfect smartphone. “There’s very little issue (for me) in having half of the keyboard in physical form and half on the screen: numbers, the shift key and other characters pop up as necessary while you’re typing. I think the viewing experience for reading is excellent,” said Bird.

Though, highlighting his experience when purchasing the Passport, Bird notes, “BlackBerry’s brand is now so incredibly damaged among a generation of people that even if it came out with a great phone, you wouldn’t know: you wouldn’t buy it, and neither would any of your friends.”

“I reckon people won’t consider it as an option, which is a massive shame, because I’m loving mine,” he added.