Starting in 2014 we’ve been beefing up our editorial staff and expanding the UMG network. We’ve garnered some exceptional talent by way of James Nieves and JT Teran.

And that’s to add to our already amazing team, with the likes of Niko Giannopoulos, Stefany Baez, Ross Cheriton, Chris Esparza, Stephen DeRusett, and Max Salman. But, today we’re adding another…

Please help us welcome Jubei Raziel into the N4BB family. Jubei will be your BlackBerry news analyst, with a weekly editorial on the most important subjects.

Jubei brings with him an incredible resumé, which will surely have added benefit to your daily N4BB digest. Stay tuned, Jubei’s first editorial will be landing on N4BB later today.

In the meantime, you can follow Jubei and congratulate him on his N4BB profile, here.