Jurassic World is a pretty big movie. It’s broken a few records since its release earlier this summer, so you might not be surprised to learn that a sequel is on its way.

The as-yet-untitled sequel will be released sometime in 2018. My guess is it will be around the same weekend as its predecessor.

There’s not much else to say about this sequel, other then Collin Trevorrow will not be directing it, and Chris Pratt will return to star.

Slashfilm, however, does have a possible plot outline they were able to glean from their recent interview with the director of Jurassic World. If you’ve seen the movie, and at this point very few people haven’t seen it, you may recall the plot point on the weaponization of the dinosaurs. Trevorrow hints that could be a theme that is explored in a future sequel, or that they could explore what would happen if some other company was able to create dinosaurs themselves.

Check the source link below for the full quote, and stay glued to N4BB for more on this sequel as we hear about it!

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