The Kahn Brothers investment group have had a longstanding equity portfolio with an estimated market value of $592,070,302.

This past February, the Kahn Brothers increased their investment in BlackBerry by raising their 289,960 shares to 1,846,010 shares.


Recent 13F filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) shows the Kahn Brothers Group increased their position with BlackBerry once more.

An additional 513,518 shares of BlackBerry were purchased, bringing the Kahn Brothers Group’s total stake to 2,359,528 shares. Its stockholding in BlackBerry now has a market value of approximately $21 million.

BlackBerry has remained in the black the last two quarters. John Chen’s strategy to return the company to profitability has garnered the attention and approval of a few leading investors.

Consumer products have taken a backseat, while the company returns to its roots with a robust enterprise-focused suite of tools.

BlackBerry is also positioning itself as the leader in the Internet of Things market, which is an industry Cisco Systems estimates will add US$19 trillion to the world’s gross domestic product by 2020.