There are many companies who have attempted to simplify the way people carry their credit cards and money. However, not all have been as truly innovative as Kallet.

Created by Singapore-base design firm Kaxion, Kallet is made of sleek stainless steel and with a minimalist design.


“Styles may change, but the wallet itself has pretty much been the same since its existence. We thought it was finally time to change one of our most personal and commonly used items, especially as we move towards digital payment,” said Alvin Chan, co-founder of Kaxion. “Our goal was to design an intuitive wallet that introduced a new way to contain our items, and solve some of the issues we had with traditional wallets.”

Kallet has a unique mechanism that enables users to simply swipe it open, and release the top casing to slide it back in place. Kallet’s metal compartments are NFC protected and feature clips to hold contents in place.

You can get a Kallet pre-ordered today through backing via Kaxion’s  Indiegogo campaign. Check out Kallet in action with the video above.