You might have seen people talking about the new Yeezus album leak. This is Kanye West’s 6th and latest 10 track album, which evidently found its way onto the internet before store shelves on June 18th.

Nevertheless, Kanye West gave a small shout-out to BlackBerry. Well, more of a mention. Though, it’s great to see such an iconic brand remain in the mainstream.

In West’s song¬†I’m In It he says the lyrics,¬†“Damn, your lips very soft, As I turn my BlackBerry off, And I turn your bath water on, And you turn off your iPhone.”

With out a doubt you can conclude that West is apart of Team BlackBerry, but we’ve known this before. He’s been such a big fan that he thought it be his due diligence to buy a P’9981 for both Jay-Z and Beyonce (what a good friend, huh?).

Now, you may wonder why this even matters. But, it honestly does to the minds of anyone who idles Kanye West. Hearing that West sports a BlackBerry, might make a fan more interested in the platform. We’ve seen this be the case with many celebrity plugs where fans cling to the products their beloved celeb is rocking.