C2 Development let us know they’ve opened their latest app, Kaxi, to public beta. Kaxi is a location based app that simplifies the process of finding taxi companies local to you.

All you need is a GPS signal and a working network connection (WiFi/3G/4G). Kaxi will then list local taxi companies with their respective telephone numbers. (future versions said to include the ability to ‘tap’ to call the taxi company.) If you’re one to plan ahead, Kaxi has a built-in town/city search feature easily finds taxi companies in a given town or city.

Kaxi is currently only available for BlackBerry 10. Although, C2 Development says they plan to support other platforms at some point in the future.

Signup today for the BETA for access to the latest release before it reaches BlackBerry App World. Accepted BETA requests will be given access to the Kaxi BETA Portal which may be used to submit feedback and bug reports. The latest downloads will also be available via this portal.

The Kaxi BETA is only available to those with a BlackBerry Dev Alpha Device at this time. The BETA will have UK and USA support.