Hey N4BB readers, just thought I’d let you know that we have put in some extra security features just for you. We first started by integrating e-mail obfuscation. Should you post your e-mail address anywhere on our site it automatically scrambles the e-mail address on our pages. Thus thwarting bots from discovering and spamming them, while keeping them visible to humans.

Secondly, we’ve included Server Side Exclude (SSE). This automatically hides content from suspicious visitors identified by our security databases. Therefore, private information such as your phone number and more are safe.

To top it all off, we have added SSL encryption to all user login, registration, and any other interactive pages. Your profile is secure, private messaging is secure, and even our forums are secure. Thereby, allowing you to use N4BB worry free to connect with other BlackBerry users, safely. However, you may get an error from time to time due to external web objects on the page (banner ads) that are not covered by our security. Rest assured, all encryption is still active and the page is not compromised.

We hope you continue to enjoy being a member of N4BB, and if you’re not a member we urge you to signup for all the great benefits.

Thank you for being an N4BB reader!