Richard Fox-Ivey let us know about his Waterloo-based start-up, Symple ID, that’s developing a BlackBerry 10 NFC-based solution that let’s you use your BlackBerry as the key to logging into websites on your laptop.

Symple ID needs some help from #TeamBlackBerry! They’re running a Kickstarter campaign right now to help fund the development effort. How will Symple ID work? Their Kickstarter says:

With Symple ID you get a personal NFC ID tag, the Symple ID app for your smartphone, the Symple ID browser extension to pair your laptop/desktop, and use of Symple ID’s secure login servers.

Key Features

  • Dead easy to use; just tap to sign-in
  • Secure; encrypts and stores your passwords securely on your phone; nothing is stored on our servers nor on your laptop/desktop
  • Helps protect you against a lost or stolen phone; your passwords are encrypted
  • Two-factor authentication protects your accounts; you need your phone + your NFC ID to login
  • Protects against phishing attacks by validating the site you are visiting before supplying your credentials
  • Compatible with Macs and Windows PCs

Using Symple ID

As you surf the web on your PC, Symple ID automatically detects logins. Whenever you fill-in a login on your PC Symple ID automatically sends them through a secure server to your smartphone and encrypts them using your unique NFC ID.

The next time you visit a stored site or application, Symple ID will prompt you to “tap to sign-in”.


Symple ID looks to be a very unique and seamless way of securely managing your passwords online. If you’d like to see it come to BlackBerry 10, help Symple ID meet their funding threshold of $20,000 CAD.