Remember last year when RIM sued Kik Interactive Inc for what they say was trademark and patent infrigement? Not the mention the unannounced and unexpected removal of Kik from the App World? Well, Kik has finally filed their Statement of Defence and Counterclaim.

In case you don’t remember what happend, the documentation filed by RIM mentioned how Kik’s CEO, Ted Livingstone, had worked for them in the past and also had access to sensitive information regarding BlackBerry Messenger. RIM alleged Livingstone used his position to get that information and use it further on with Kik. In the Statement of Defence and Counterclaim, filed by Kik Interactive, they deny all allegations stating that when Ted was working for RIM they were not developing Kik and no trademark or patents were infringed. They also mentioned Ted had no access to information such as source code, market research or any other internal documentation related to BlackBerry Messenger.

We can’t really know what’s going to happen, but if RIM losses this one it’s going to look pretty bad on their side seeing how it already looks like they felt threatened by Kik’s success and decided to pull it out of the App World, taking its reputation with it. There’s not much else to do now but wait and see how this failed love story is going to end.

via David Lam Blog