One of the most famous BlackBerry users, whether you like it or not, is Kim Kardashian. Say what you want about the new Mrs. West, but she’s built a business empire over the last few years, and after it all, her BlackBerry Bold is her preferred device.

Today at Recode’s CodeMobile, Kim Kardashian was interviewed and was asked about her favorite smartphone. She uses a BlackBerry Bold 9900, but doesn’t just own one. Since they’re not really being sold in stores anymore, she buys them on eBay until they break. “I have anxiety that I will run out, and that BlackBerry will go extinct… I’m on a mission to make that not happen.”

I doubt anyone would want Kim Kardashian to make a run at buying BlackBerry, but hey, you never know. Kardashian also shared that she owns an iPhone, as well as a Passport, but has yet to turn on the latter for some reason. “I haven’t actually turned it on,” she confessed, “it was a little large.” Understandable. Maybe the Classic will be more up her alley?

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