Lady Colin Campbell Net Worth, Her Family, Children ,Castle

Lady Colin Campbell was born on August 17th, 1949, she is 66 years old.   Lady Colin Campbell, ‘real name Georgia Arianna’, is a Jamaican writer, social butterfly, radio, and television celebrity. She is currently on the show “I am a Celebrity Get me Outta Here”.


Here are six net-worthy facts that you should know, about one of England’s finest

  • Lady Colin Campbell Has Two Sons: In 1993 Lady Colin Campbell adopted two Russian boys their names are Misha and Dima.
  • Lady Colin Campbell Lives in England:  Shortly after the Goring Castle went on the real estate market, Lady Colin Campbell claims she bought grand estate.
  • Lady Colin Got Married in 1974:  After only knowing Lord Colin Ivar Campbell, for four days, Lady Colin Campbell married him.  Shortly following this, Lady Colin Campbell, divorced her husband due to domestic and alcohol abuse.
  • She Lived A Life Of Hell Throughout High School:  Despite her biologically correct parts, which identified her as a woman, she was raised as a male.  During her teenage years she was sent to an all-boys Catholic boarding school which focused on preparing young males for Ministry duties.  Due to puberty and having been born with a fused labia, she began to develop womanly parts, and then began to learn she was attracted to boys.  Furthermore, she was bullied and teased by other boys at her Catholic School, these unfortunate events were so traumatizing for Lady Campbell that she refuses to speak of it today.
  • Career:  While Lady C Campbell has written many books, she is well known for her writings about Princess Diana and Queen Elizabeth.  One of those books became published in 1992 titled, Diana In Private: The Princess Nobody Knows.  The book heavily speaks of Princess Diana’s war against Bulimia and battle to keep her affair with James Hewitt a deep,dark, secret.  Although, critics accused Campbell of being a ‘story-teller’ it was confirmed later that what Campbell had published was not so far from the truth after all.  Fastforward to 2015 on November 9th, Campbell was announced to participate on the TV series I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here.

Lady Colin Campbell’s Net Worth

It is said that Lady Colin Campbell’s net worth is less than $9 Million (£6 Million).