Smart phones are becoming smarter and smarter as the time progresses. The people have started relying on their hand held devices now more than ever. Today, our smart phones are capable of accomplishing anything for us. We can book tickets, watch movies, send/receive emails to name a few. However, this is something any phone is capable of doing these days. The companies are working to bring in further innovation to get an edge in this highly competitive market. So what can you expect in 2014? Let’s have a look!

Increased battery life

With so much happening on our phones, it is a natural expectation that the battery life would have to be improved and increased. The kind of work that they do all the time, our phones wouldn’t last an hour if there are no advancements to the battery life. Some companies are using the staggered battery back for increased life and it is working wonders for them so far. However, the phones with larger size can accommodate bigger battery which also will have a good backup. In 2014, people expect that manufacturers will provide better solutions to increase the life of battery. It is not always feasible to carry a battery bank around.

Better protection of Data

The thing about smart phones is that they are made smarter by all the apps that we can have which are run by the internet. However, we also realise that this endless dependence on internet is also exposing us to the risk of being hacked and losing our potent information to the hackers. As per statistics, about 2.37 unique web threats appeared per hour in ’06 which is both scary and alarming. This year, the phone manufacturers should help with built in data protection to provide higher level of security to the phones.

Fast Processors

The phone manufacturers are now matching their processors to that of a normal PC. This is a big feat for a small device whose basic function was only to send and receive calls or text messages. It is time for other manufacturers to follow suit and improve the processor to 64 bit which will ensure smooth functioning of the device with all the apps simultaneously.

More Storage

As the technology improves it gets better and cheaper. Since we are accustomed to storing almost everything on our smart phones, we definitely need better storage and consequently better RAM to make sure that the phone functions without any lags despite the high content in its memories. Phones must have the scalability option to increase the memory even though it comes with high internal memory. To have lowered inbuilt space can be a huge burden these days.

Curved Screens

Curved screens is the newest and the latest technology which awaits the smart phones of 2014. The phones are able to heal themselves from a slight scratch and the curved screen means that it will not break if it falls flat on a surface. It just snaps and comes back into its original shape. This is definitely a new kind of innovation which is especially important for people with butter fingers.