A class-action law suit filed by Frank Saltpietro, claims that Research In Motion Ltd. and Globalware Solutions Inc. accepted his $189 (with $10 online promotional code) order for a 16GB BlackBerry PlayBook on Nov. 26 and sent him an e-mail confirming the order on Nov. 29. The order was then canceled on Nov. 30, claiming his order had been flagged as a “high-risk transaction.”

Saltpietro filed his lawsuit in December after learning the company used various excuses to cancel other orders of the discounted PlayBooks and was now saying that customers could order the tablets only at their regular pricing. Ron Backer, an attorney representing Saltpietro, said the companies violated fair trade laws by using the lower prices to lure people into making orders and then canceling the sales while offering the same product at a higher price.

“They didn’t say they didn’t have it in stock,” Backer said. “They came up with other excuses.” It’s a come-on to try to lure people to the store with something you really don’t have, he said. The suit was originally filed in Allegheny County Common Pleas, but has since moved to federal court in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Did any of you experience ordering issues such as this?

via TribLive