We had heard that BBM was coming to Android users on Gingerbread next month, but if we can get a little earlier, why not? This evening, we got a hold of a BBM for Android beta APK that Gingerbread owners can run on their devices. This specific BBM for Android app has a couple of tweaks in the UI, like the top bar being black instead of gray, and comes with the “Find Friends on BBM” feature that is in the closed BBM for Android 2.0 beta.

This BBM for Android app does not have BBM Channels on it, and BBIDs are not whitelisted, which means anyone can use it and log in without any problems. Also worth noting is the fact that even though it’s a Gingerbread version of BBM, it hasn’t worked for us on the PlayBook. We’ve tried converting the apk to a BAR, but upon loading, it always force closes on us.

On an Android device though, it runs fairly well, and it’s fair to say BlackBerry has done a good job with it. If you have an Android device that’s running Gingerbread, download the APK below, and install it. Let us know how it’s working for you in the comments below.