*UPDATE* – This actually looks to be a hybrid of the release. Install at your own discretion.

A developer version of OS 10.1 has recently been released. However, that release is stripped down of a few native apps. Today, the full version of OS has been leaked.

A lot of the changes we’ve heard to be in 10.1 beta are certainly in this build. OS is available for the STL 100-2, STL 100-3, and STL 100-4. Download OS accordingly:

Instructions on how to install this leaked OS:

Download the file that you need from the links up above.  Make sure you download the correct version for your device. Use winrar to extract the autoloader from the rar file.  If you do not have winrar installed, you can download a free trial here.

Note that this process will erase everything on your BlackBerry Z10, so back it up first if you wish to restore anything.

Turn off your BlackBerry Z10. Run the file that you just extracted. BlackBerry Z10 autoloader

Connect your Z10 to your usb cable and quickly turn it on. The autloader should connect to your Z10 and start the process. Autoloader connected

Sit back, have a coffee or a tea and wait until the process is finished. When the autoloader has written 100%, the program will terminate and the window will close. Disconnect your BlackBerry Z10 and wait for it to reboot.

Your BlackBerry Z10 will now be in the position that it was in when you purchased it, so set it up as you normally would.

*DISCLAIMER* – This is an unofficial software release. There are no guarantees that it is stable. You may damage your phone. We assume absolutely NO responsibility for any damages that may occur. Install this leaked software release at your own risk.

This leak and install instructions courtesy of RapidBerry.