Here’s another insight into what the highly anticipated upcoming BlackBerry 10 smartphone, the Classic, has to offer. Although the specifications haven’t been announced yet, we can be confident of an upgraded camera – its counterpart, the Passport, boasts of a 13MP primary camera, the highest so far for a BlackBerry.

Previously we had received a few leaked images of the device itself. The same source has been generous enough to show the world what the camera is like. Two pictures have been leaked, one shot using the Q10 and the other, using the Classic.

In the first image (Q10, left), the colours look very vibrant in comparison to the second (Classic, right) one, but it could’ve been the difference in exposure. We know for a fact that the Q10 comes with a decent 8MP camera and an f2.2 lens giving decent results, but a closer look at the shadows in the image reveals the crazy amount of noise. The Classic lens comes with better noise reduction ability, as far as this image goes. Also note the difference in the depth of field in the two images.

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