BlackBerry users are seeing a new leaked OS for their Z10, Z30, Q10, or Q5. OS is now available and brings many bug fixes over past available versions.

Download OS

General Notice / Fixes
This goes for every leak you load. The first 24 to 48 hours after loading a leaked OS your BB will be very busy settling in, syncing all your information and re-indexing everything that’s on your phone. Because of that it is not uncommon to experience a huge battery drain at first, a high percentage of CPU being used or a battery that gets hot. I repeat, this is not uncommon! It is no reason to get a new battery or a replacement for your phone, it is no reason to be worried. Wait it out and keep a charger nearby.

  • Bug fixes
  • Updated translations


  • Unknown, likely similar to 1791 and relatively minimal

via CB Forums